Hi there...

My name is Hayley and I am the founder and creator of Wild Ever Since. 
I am 24 and I specialise in adventure travel. As well as working in adventure travel, I maintain this site to provide simple, friendly, (occasionally humorous) and (hopefully useful) advice to anyone who wants to read it. Whether you have never travelled before, explored a few times or are an avid adventurer there is always something new to learn and I hope to provide useful information to aid you on your quest to discover the world. 


Wild Ever Since

Wild Ever Since is the idea that we  are breaking the mould. We are taught that we must follow the heard - go to school, head to university, get that great paying job, get a house and pay bills. Now, i'm not saying that you shouldn't do these things, i'm just saying that if you're one of those people whose heart calls for something else then you are free to challenge these expectations.

Originating from the idea that you become wild ever since you set upon the idea to travel or since you left your home town, or even since you have now returned back, the meaning behind it stays the same - that you have a craving for wanderlust, for better things or for something so unimaginably different and that your not afraid to go for it. All in the name of travel.

Wild Ever Since is a creation born from a life-changing decision. We think that the difficulty of deciding to leave your home, friends and family is often overlooked, as is  the decision (or consequence) of returning. So where ever you are in the world, whatever your situation and wherever you want to be, Wild Ever Since aims to provide you with nuggets of entertainment, information or inspiration to let you experience your dreams (cheesy but who gives!) because this is all about life and whats more important that that right? 

Live your life however you want to; we just ask that you do it responsibly, safely and happily
- and have a ton of damn fun whilst your at it!