5 things to take to India


What should you bring to the colour capital of the world?

India - a feast for the senses. With bursts of colour everywhere, the scent of spices hanging in the air and people bustling around you, what do you need to make the most of a trip to one of the most densely populated places on earth?

A Camera

Okay, so we start with the obivious, but it is a MUST have. Just remember to enjoy the moment too.
Must. Capture. Everything.


Don't question it, just take them. Thank me later.

Hand Sanitiser 

Keep with tissues; carry everywhere.

Light loose clothing

It is most likely going to be rather warm so light, loose clothing is best. Ensure you respect the local traditions and ladies - have a light scarf ready for visiting any temples or other religious sites.

Mosquito Repellent

Because these little buggers are everywhere. Do yourself a favour and pack some repellent, I use products containing deet as they tend to work best for me, however there are more natural alternatives.


So these are just a couple of key items that I recommend for a trip to India. Suggest some more in the comments!
India is a fabulous country and don't forget, as long as you have the essentials - phone, wallet, passport - then you can buy most things when you get there!