Who is Hayley?


 Well hello there. I am Hayley, The editor and founder of Wild Ever Since.

If you have managed to navigate your way to this page then i'm going to assume you want to know a little more about me.

Here are a few key points:

Master of the self high five.

Cocktail connoiseur. 

Risk taker to the point of near death experiences.

 I follow maps upside down and talk to strangers. 

Usually found taking photos or making notes in battered leather notebooks. 

Avoids any kind of adulting. 

On a more asthetic basis I'm a little bit small. I'm putting this out there because people seem to want to remind me... every day... so i think it's a defining quality.
And I wear (according to 98% of Cambodians) Harry Potter's glasses.

Secondly, I travel. Travel is my life, I work in Public Relations for an adventure travel company, I write about travel and i'm always planning where I am going to travel to next. 

What have I done you ask? Well: I've co-hosted a six hour radio show live to a whole country one evening (unexpectedly), accompanied a young boy to a hospital after he sawed his finger off and a group of us piled into a car and played charades at the hospital (not the boy as he would be at a slight disadvantage), Elise and I hired mopeds in Tonga and were almost ravaged by wild dogs.
I have jumped into a fresh water cave that I could not see the bottom of (not only was it really dark but I had also lost my glasses) and I've woken up in the middle of the night with a giant cockroach on my neck. Brilliant experience. I'm TERRAFIED of bugs. I can't even look at cockroaches without almost passing out in terror. Great night. 
I've also 'worked' in Cambodia, swum with bioluminescent plankton, crossed a crocodile infested river over a rickety hand-made ladder and drank wine on a helipad. 

For now, this is me.